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Discounted Initial Appointment

We understand that it can be difficult choosing a lawyer. 


That's why we offer an initial appointment for new matters of up to 1 hour at a discounted rate.   This gives you the opportunity to meet with us, to make sure that you're comfortable with us and the way we propose handling your matter before you proceed any further with us.  


The legal process can be stressful and confusing.  We aim to ensure that you feel informed and in control throughout your dealings with us.

Fixed Fees

We offer fixed fee and time billing to our clients depending on your matter and the service required.


We will discuss the  fees with you at your initial meeting with us, so that you are clear on how the fee system will work.


At Sommerville Legal we believe it is extremely important that your fees are clear and transparent so that you understand your costs.

We offer a fixed fee service for the following services:

Deceased Estates

  • Application for Grant of Probate

  • Application for Grant of Letters of Administration

  • Application for Grant of Letters of Administration (with the Will annexed)



  • Sole application

  • Joint application

  • Separation under the one roof application

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