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Family Law - divorce, property matters and parenting matters

Amanda Sommerville is a skilled and experienced family law lawyers, regularly representing clients in a variety of different family situations.  We represent clients in both married and de facto relationships, including same sex relationships, as well as  grandparents and third parties involved with the care of children.   We can assist you with your divorce, your property settlement and your children's matters.


Amanda represents family law clients in a number of jurisdictions, including the Magistrates Court of WA, Family Court of WA and Federal Circuit Court.

At Sommerville Legal, we understand that family law matters are extremely stressful and can be expensive.   We also understand that family law matters deal with some of the most important things in your life - your family, your children and your home.


We offer a fixed-fee service in relation to divorce applications, whether it's an application by one party, a joint divorce or a 'separation under one roof' divorce.   Talk to us about our fixed-fee divorce service.

When it comes to your legal matters, it is our aim to provide you with quality legal advice and representation to help you navigate through the family law process to achieve a positive, cost effective outcome for you and your family.

Amanda believes in the benefits of mediation, alternative dispute resolution and negotiating an outcome which is acceptable to you.  Sometimes though, this is just not possible, and in that event, we are ready and able to take your matter to Court.  If legal proceedings are required, we will provide you with strong and committed legal representation - whilst still working towards agreement and resolution where possible.

Sommerville Legal is committed to ensuring you are kept informed throughout the duration of your proceedings, so that you understand what is happening and what you are working towards.   This ensures you remain in control of your matter and helps alleviate some of the stress.   

We understand that you need to find a lawyer you can talk to and work with.   To help you make a choice of legal representative, we offer a discounted initial appointment of up to one hour on new matters so that you can meet with us, discuss your situation and find out how we propose handling your matter.

Call us for an appointment on 9745 9455.

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